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Infrared Spa Blanket, Two-Zone 9 Modes, (180×220 cm) EcoSapiens Infrasauna Beige
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Infrared Spa Blanket, Two-Zone 9 Modes, (180×220 cm) EcoSapiens Infrasauna Beige

$ 150,12
  • EUR: € 132.21

Thermal blanket INFRASAUNA is an infrared heating blanket for anti-cellulite wraps and SPA procedures. Electric pad with 9 heating modes will help you tighten the body, eliminate toxins, make the skin soft and even, and get rid of cellulite! Infrared heating, auto shut-off, overheat protection. 

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Thermal blanket InfraSuana has 9 temperature modes. You can choose a comfortable temperature level (from 30 to 55°) depending on the type of procedure and detoxication therapy. The automatic shut-off function will turn off the electric blanket after 60 minutes for your safety. The infrared heating pad is made of high-quality Oxford material that is waterproof and easy to clean. The sauna blanket uses modern infrared heating technology. It positively affects health, relaxation and elimination of toxins! The blanket has low electricity consumption and high heating power. The size of the blanket is 180 x 220 cm.

Electric heating blanket Infra sauna is great for you if:

  • You want to get rid of cellulite
  • Your goal is weight loss and body slimming
  • You want to enhance the effect from body wraps
  • You want to tighten and tone the body
  • You make detoxication therapy with Infrared heating blanket

Main benefits:

  • Two heating zones
  • 9 temperature modes, Temperature 35-65°
  • One remote control for two heating zones 
  • Auto shut-off in 60 minutes 
  • Waterproof durable material 
  • Infrared heating technology
  • High-quality
  • Manufacturer warranty 24 months 

Stay warm & cozy with Ecosapiens!

Technical information:

Rated voltage 220 V
Current type: alternating
The surface heating temperature at switch position: min. 35° (± 5°), max. 55° (± 5) degrees
Number of temperature modes: 9
Heating zones: 2
Power consumption: 130W (one zone 60W, second zone 70W)
Electric shock protection class: 2
Moisture protection level: IP21
Article: S283
Weight: ± 2,5 kg
Size: 180×220 cm, ± 5 cm
Length of installation wire: min 1,35 cm (± 10 cm)
Material: nylon (polyurethane)

Additional information

Weight 2,8 kg





180×220 cm, ± 5 cm



Heating zones


Power consumption

130W (one zone 60W, second zone 70W)


nylon (polyurethane)

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