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Shiatsu Massage Manual Massager Kragen 3D Shiatsu Massage belt
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Shiatsu Massage Manual Massager Kragen 3D Shiatsu Massage belt

 98.00  58.90
  • GBP: 52.30£

 98.00  58.90

  • GBP: 52.30£

Shiatsu Massage Manual Kneading massage Neck Waist Back Shoulder Infrared Heating function, Kragen GESS

Convenient and functional massager, is designed for kneading massage of the neck and shoulder, back, waist, hips and even for acupuncture foot massage. The weighting agent at the base of the body allows the massager to fit tightly to the body, and the elongated handles help regulate the intensity of the massage effort.


Shiatsu Massage Kneading massage Neck Waist Back Shoulder Infrared Heating function GESS Manual Massager Kragen

Product features:

  • – New concept of kneading massage, match the human body engineering design of the neck and the shoulder.
  • – Massage head is specially designed according to the neck and shoulder to give you the most comfortable experience.
  • – U shaped, arm in arm design, strong or gentle type, strength is decided by ourselves. Clockwise and anti-clockwise kneading automatic conversion system.
  • – Kneading direction manually choose function.
  • – Warm function control separately, promote the blood circulation effectively.
  • – Switch operation is very simple.
  • – Polyurethane High-grade material holster. Using the safety of the overheating protection device.

Massage zones There are more than 650 acupuncture-points on the human body. 
Each point is responsible for a specific ccan or health state. Massage can improve blood circulation, activate metabolism, boost the immune system, create a defense against diseases.


Function:          Massage, kneading, warm
Massage headFour large massage heads, four small massage head
Massage partsNeck, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, and calves.

Key Features:

  • – Ergonomic design targets the sensitive points of calf region, and soles of feet the reflecting characters of the complicated nerve system.
  • – Automatic massage program with 4 optional modes; kneading, rolling & massaging combinations to give reflexology therapies to different human’s ccans.
  • – 3 custom modes to target your tiptoe, arch of the foot, sole of the foot with adjustable kneading speed. You can also choose manual mode to target your areas of interest with adjustable speed and two different massaging directions.
  • – Pressure nodes located under the soles of your feet stimulate the vital reflexology pressure points. Improves blood circulation.
  • – Operate it either by handy touch-panel control on the unit or a remote control. Available in a Velour, New Micro-suede Fabric. The detachable fabric foot covers for easy cleaning. Power consumption: 40 Watts.


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