GESS uShiatsu Plus Roller Massage Pillow – 3D Massager with Heat, Cordless
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GESS uShiatsu Plus Roller Massage Pillow – 3D Massager with Heat, Cordless

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uShiatsu Massage Pillow

It is a functional and portable all body massager. 4 powerful deep-kneading massage nodes imitate hands of a professional Shiatsu massage therapist. Roller massage helps to knead and relieve fatigue and muscle tension. An optional heating function gently relaxes the body and enhances the massage effect. You can use the shiatsu massager without cord or charger.  The rolling massage pillow comes with elastic band so you can easily fix it on. Take the massage pad anywhere and enjoy deep tissue shiatsu massage.

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uShiatsu Massage Pillow GESS-133 by German brand GESS

uShiatsu Plus massage pillow is cordless, portable and functional massager. It is suitable for neck, lower and upper back, calves, abdomen and even thighs. Special 3D massage rollers act gently yet intensively. You can adjust the rollers rotation direction. For better blood circulation, it is necessary to change the rotation direction of the rollers from time to time. The massager can be used with or without the heating function, for your personal reference. It improves blood circulation and stimulates lymph movement. You can use the Shiatsu massager without cord or charger. The massage pillow comes with elastic band so you can easily fix it on.

With our GESS-133 you can enjoy a fantastic Shiatsu massage anywhere, anytime. The massager works for 2 hours without charging. The ergonomic construction makes it possible to take the massage cushion at any place.

Foot massager uShiatsu Plus is a good solution for you, if you:

•  Spend a lot of time at a desk or computer or you are an office worker
•  Have intense workouts or you are physically active person and need muscle pain relief
•  Feel muscular fatigue and want to shake things up and improve the tone
•  Just want to take a minute and relax after a long and busy day

Main advantages:
• 4 shiatsu massage rollers
• Works without cord
• Function of changing the direction of rollers rotation
• Heating function
• Modern and stylish design

Product Information:

Product weight: 2.5 kg
Color: Brown, black
Application: Body, Neck, Abdomen, Calf, Lower and Upper Back, Thigh
Power: 24 W
Types of massage: Roller massage
Package size, cm: 33x18x9

Package Includes:

1 x uShiatsu Massage Pillow
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 20 × 12 cm
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