RestArt uMini Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heating Function, Home Office Car
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RestArt uMini Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heating Function, Home Office Car

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uMini Massage Pillow

It is a functional premium all body massager. 4 powerful deep-kneading massage nodes work together to knead and relieve aches, knots and muscle tension. Kneading massage mode reduces fatigue in order to increase energy and vitality. An optional heating function gently relaxes body and enhances the massage effect. The shiatsu pillow provides deep kneading massage on your lower and upper back, neck and shoulder, calves and thighs. Clockwise and counterclockwise nodes rotation.

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RestArt uMini Massage Pillow is a shiatsu massager with 4 deep kneading rollers that imitate the hands of a professional massage therapist. The massager will give you Shiatsu massage and relieve muscle pain. Double direction control offers Bi-directional movement control for a better massage experience. Optional heating function gently relaxes muscles for pain relief and enhances the massage effect. Just fix the massage cushion and enjoy professional deep tissue massage. Daily 15-minute massage helps effectively relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and pain. 

Infrared Heating. The heating function adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity, helping you relax by enhancing blood circulation. The electric massager will automatically shut off when overheated to provide safety and improve product performance.

Shiatsu Massage Technique. Shiatsu Massage is a massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to release muscle tension and improve blood circulation. 

Ergonomic Construction. The massage pillow is easy to take anywhere and get a professional massage at home, in the car or office. The adjustable strap is located on the back of the shiatsu massage pillow. Just place the massage pillow and enjoy deep tissue shiatsu massage. 

Massage cushion uMini would be a good solution if you: 

– Spend a lot of time at the desk and feel tension and hardness in your back and cervical-shoulder department

– Go on a long journey where you will have to spend a lot of time in the same position

– Lead a sedentary lifestyle

– Would like to do a massage course, but you do not have enough time to visit a massage therapist.

Package Includes:

1 x uMini Massage pillow, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Car Adapter, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x User Manual

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