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RestArt Bliss Shiatsu Foot Massager with Remote Control, Reflexology Therapy
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RestArt Bliss Shiatsu Foot Massager with Remote Control, Reflexology Therapy

$ 93,11
  • EUR: € 76.69

Foot massage device BLISS is universal foot massager with advanced features. It allows you to massage feet, lower legs and calf muscles. Special massage rollers gently yet intensively work out legs. You can adjust the speed of the rollers, and change the direction of their movement.


Bliss Foot Massager RA-341 by RestArt

Unique massager for acupuncture feet massage. Deep kneading massage is based on the rotating massaging rollers which affect acupuncture feet points. The foot massager has 4 different automatic and individual programs.

• DOUBLE EFFECT – Electric massager treats both feet at the same time, relieving fatigue and improving blood circulation. Daily deep tissue foot massage will help to tone muscles, relieve stress and fatigue. Get a professional foot spa care without visiting Spa Centres!

• REMOTE CONTROL and EASY OPERATION – Bliss massager is equiped with remote control and control panel. You can completely relax and enjoy deep kneading massage. You can regulate intensity and direction of rollers rotation, as well as set massage direction and choose massage mode.

• ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The massager is compact and stylish. It will easily fit in any room – whether it is your office or home. Massager is designed considering anatomic features and acupuncture points of feet.

• GREAT GIFT FOR THE FAMILY –  The foot massager is a thoughtful gift for the people who are suffering from feet and legs pains. It is the first choice for Christmas, New Year and Birthday gifts for the elders and juniors.

RESTART BLISS is a universal foot massager with advanced features. It allows you to massage feet, ankle and calf muscles. Special 3D massage rollers act gently yet intensively. You can adjust the speed of the rollers and change rotation direction. For better blood circulation it is necessary to change the rotation direction of the rollers from time to time.

Deep kneading massager has 4 automatic and manual-control programs. You can control the intensity and rollers rotation according to your preference.

Foot massager BLISS is a good solution if:

• You spend a lot of time on your feet and feeling tired
• You want to stretch your muscles after workout
• You want to get rid of swollen legs
• You often have cold feet due to poor blood circulation
• You have poor water balance, leading to discomfort and leg sweating

Main advantages:

• Intensive roller massage with adjustable intensity
• A wide range of programs and modes
• Function of changing the direction of rollers rotation
• Control panel and remote control for more comfortable use
• Compact and stylish design


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