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Face Lifting Microcurrent EMS Face care Skin care product – the ultimate solution for achieving a youthful and radiant complexion! Get your GESS Sfera

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Microcurrent treatment How it works?

  1. Device conducts electrical currents of low voltage
  2. Microcurrents contract muscles
  3. Blood circulation improves, stimulating natural collages production.
  4. Skin is getting nourished and rejuvenated, facial contours tighten, wrinkles and fine lines reduce.

There are 4 modes of microcurrent intensity. We recommend starting with the lowest mode to avoid any discomfort and gradually increase the power. You can feel a light tingling sensation, which means that a microcurrent has been released into your body. Large electrodes make the treatment more effective in comparison with other microcurrent devices. You will hear a sound signal every 7 seconds to change the place of application. The device has one button control and automatic shut-off.

Sfera is a part of the GESS Expert Collection. Scan the QR-code on the package and get access to the exclusive video tutorials. The professional esthetician will give you advice on how to use the device effectively. Watch the videos and follow some easy steps to get tightened and rejuvenated skin!  Apply to clean, dry skin in a mask-like layer and start the procedure.

In the set: 1 x microcurrent device, 1 x USB cable, 1 x User Manual (English and German), 1 x Warranty card.

Brand: GESS
Power Supply: Battery (rechargeable)
Rated supply voltage: 3,7 V
Battery rated power: 0,925 W*h
Pulse frequency: 32 Hz
Electrode voltage: 1,8-2 V
Current strength: min mode 13-101 mkA, max mode 13-115 mkA
Intensity modes: 4
Net/gross weight: 140/300 g
Package size, cm: 26.2 x 5.5 x 8.5

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