GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser with 8 Multifunctional Tips, Oral Irrigator
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Aqua Pro GESS-707-1
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GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser with 8 Multifunctional Tips, Oral Irrigator


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Oral irrigator Aqua Pro is a stationary water flosser for effective cleaning and dental care of the whole family. Capacious water reservoir 650 ml. Automatic shut off after a 3-minute work cycle. 8 multifunctional tips for the whole family – 3 standard , 1 periodontal, orthodontic, rotating, dental tip and tongue scraper. 10 powerful water pressure levels, which can be adjusted according to your various oral care needs.

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Oral irrigator  Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Dental Care: The Aqua Pro Water Flosser offers a complete dental care solution, targeting hard-to-reach areas for a thorough clean. With a range of specialized tips, it ensures effective cleaning for the whole family.
  2. Versatile Water Pressure Settings: Choose from 10 water pressure settings to suit your individual needs. Whether you prefer a gentle clean or a more powerful massage-like experience, this flosser has the perfect setting for you.
  3. Convenient Storage: The lid of the water flosser provides a dedicated storage space for the 8 multi-purpose tips. This ensures easy access and keeps your tips organized and hygienic.
  4. Enhanced Maneuverability: The 360-degree rotation feature of the handle allows for improved movement around dental fixtures such as crowns, implants, bridges, braces, and holders. Experience maximum control and precision during your oral care routine.

Oral irrigator Dental Tips Included:

  • Three Standard Tips: Suitable for the whole family, these tips provide effective cleaning and maintenance.
  • Periodontal Tip: Designed for cleaning periodontal pockets, promoting gum health and preventing gum disease.
  • Orthodontic Tip: Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around braces, ensuring proper oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment.
  • Rotating Tip: Ideal for cleansing gingival crevices, removing plaque and food debris for a healthier mouth.
  • Dental Tip: Specifically designed to remove dental patches and promote a cleaner and fresher oral environment.
  • Scraper Tip: This tip helps to remove plaque from the tongue, improving oral hygiene and reducing bad breath.

Why Choose GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser?

  • 8 multi-purpose tips for versatile dental care.
  • 10 water pressure settings for a personalized cleaning experience.
  • Capacious 650 ml water reservoir for uninterrupted use.
  • Dedicated storage space for tips on the lid, ensuring convenience and hygiene.
  • 360-degree rotation nozzle for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Mains-operated for reliable and consistent performance.

Experience Optimal Dental Care with GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser:

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to flush out bacteria and toxins trapped beneath the gum line, remove food particles, improve bad breath, and reduce the incidence of gum bleeding, GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser is the perfect solution for you. It provides the ultimate dental care experience, ensuring your oral health and hygiene are taken care of in the most efficient and effective manner.

Don’t compromise on your dental care – choose GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser for a cleaner, healthier smile.


Model: Aqua PRO
Article: GESS-707
Voltage, V / Hz: 100-240 / 50-60
Power, W / A: 12 / 1.5
Package size, mm: 155 x 135 x 215
Gross weight, kg: 0.9


  • Stationary irrigator, pcs: 1
  • Standard header, pcs: 3
  • Periodontal header, pcs: 1
  • Orthodontic header, pcs: 1
  • Dental plaque removing header, pcs: 1
  • Tongue cleaning header, pcs: 1
  • Rotating header for teeth cleaning, pcs: 1
  • Warranty certificate, pcs: 1

Order your GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser today and experience the difference in your oral care routine!

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    Juni 2, 2021
    I’m completely satisfied with the quality of the flosser. It removes food debris even in hard-to-get areas. The order came fast, the package didn’t damage. Thanks!!

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