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GESS uNeck Compact Massage Pillow
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GESS uNeck Compact Massage Pillow

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A light and convenient pillow shaped like a horseshoe, uNeck can be used in any situation. You can use it in your daily life and not just when travelling. uNeck is designed to help you relieve tension in cramped muscles, help you get a better sleep, for example when on you’re on a trip away from home. Unlike roller massagers, uNeck has a more calming effect on your muscles, allow you to relax and enjoy a comfortable massage in calm and laid back environment.

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    The uNeck massage pillow runs on standard AA batteries which means it can be used away from power outlets and power cords The filler consisting of miniscule balls means the pillow will assume the shape of your body so you can have a comfortable nap on a plane, a bus or while going long distance in a car. Features: – Relaxes the muscles in the neck and shoulders – Helps keep your vertebrae perfectly aligned, preventing neck scoliosis – Automatically turns off after 20 minutes of operation – Programmed for six types of massage and several levels of intensity – Safe to use – Can be used by anyone regardless of height and build. – Helps your muscles relax – Has a reinvigorating effect; – Tones up the muscles; – Allows you to regain strength and energy; – Cures headache; – Removes tension from the shoulders and shoulder joints – Improves blood flow

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