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GESS uAuto automobile massage pillow
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GESS uAuto automobile massage pillow

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The uAuto pillow can be used not only in a car but also in an office, at home, on an airplane or on a train. It can help you relieve tension in the shoulders and relax. The soft vibration massage allows you to keep driving the car while getting your muscles relaxed and toned up.

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    The pillow is filled with minuscule balls that assume the shape of your body for maximum comfort. The uAuto massage pillow runs on standard AA batteries which means it can be used away from power outlets and power cords Features: -Helps your muscles relax -Has a reinvigorating effect; -Tones up the muscles; -Allows you to regain strength and energy; -Cures headache; -Removes tension from the shoulders and shoulder joints -Improves blood flow

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