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Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner PU Leather foot massage GESS IMPERIAL
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Massage Chair Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner PU Leather foot massage GESS IMPERIAL

  • GBP: 4,758.06£

Massage chair with body scan function, 9 automatic and 3 manual massage programs, and 3D neck and back massage. 

-L-shaped carriage (with gluteal region massage) 
-9 automatic massage programs
– 3 manual massage programs
-Null gravity -Pressure adjustment of massage rollers Perfect combination of price and functionality.

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    Massage chair «IMPERIAL» is equipped with a lot of innovative functions for a complex massage session.

    1. Scanning the body. Thanks to this function, massage is obtained individually, since the chair is adjusted for each person and his complexion.
    2. L-shaped massage carriage. The innovative massage mechanism of the chair covers not only the entire surface of the back, but also affects the buttock area.
    3. 3D. In the back of the chair is a 3D massager, which provides a very comfortable massage of the neck and back, using various techniques, for example, grinding, tapping, pressing, patting and shiatsu.
    4. Function “Zero-G” or Zero Gravity. Pressing one button achieves zero-gravity effect. This function helps to relieve pressure from the spine and joints.
    5. The function “Sliding” before the beginning of the massage pushes the chair forward by 10 cm and then we start the massage program. This will put the chair much closer to the wall than before. The minimum distance from the wall to the back of the chair should be 10 cm.
    6. Foot massage. The foot massager is equipped with the function of roller foot massage, as well as several air cushions for air-compression massage of the calves and calves, thereby providing lymph drainage of the legs and relieving fatigue.
    7. Air-compression massage of the hands combines the massage of the forearms with the function of seizing the shoulders, so that the stretching function becomes possible.
    8. The foot massager is extended by 23 cm, so the armchair is suitable for people of different sizes.
    9. The chair has a control panel with a high-resolution LCD display, you can see massaged body parts, massage techniques and process status at the same time.
    The best to get relax at work or home anytime with GESS massage chair.

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