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GESS VacuShape vacuum body and face massager
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GESS VacuShape vacuum body and face massager

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Vacu Shape combines vacuum and roller massage. The heads have massage rollers that improve the anti-cellulite effect of the massage. Vacuum massage is a universal procedure for taking care for problem areas on the face or other parts of the body because the suction created by the device improves the metabolic processes, pumps oxygen to the tissues and tones up the skin and muscles.

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    How to use it on the body: The device will help you remove cellulite from any problem area such as the stomach, thighs, legs or buttocks. How to use it on the face: Soft vacuum massage of the face is one of the most effective and safest ways to do lifting on your face. Vacuum massage tones up the facial muscles, helps you get rid of the double chin, smooths out small mimic wrinkles, restores your skin’s colour and makes it tight again. Features: – A powerful motor makes sure the skin gets sucked in properly – 3 heads for a broad range of massages all over the body and on the face – The device has a chargeable battery and plugs into a power outlet (no replaceable batteries) Recommendations for use: The device is best used in conjunction with massage oils and creams. Massage cosmetics will improve the effect and make it easier for the head to slide across your body. Contraindications: Serious cardiovascular conditions, cancer, blood clotting disorders, chronic liver and kidney conditions, varicose veins, skin conditions, pregnancy. Consult a doctor before using the device.

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