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GESS Hot Touch (Cotton) electric sheet
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GESS Hot Touch (Cotton) electric sheet

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The Hot Touch sheets are indispensable if warm and comfortable sleep is what you’re after, especially when you find yourself in an unheated room like in a country house where there is no heating and the temperature inside the room is bound to drop overnight.

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    The main advantage of Hot Touch is that it only heat your bed rather than the entire room. So the room doesn’t get overheated and the air doesn’t feel stuffed as is often the case after you keep a traditional heater running for a few hours. Hot Touch sheets also consume far less electricity while the hypoalergic synthetic wool inside offers great insulation, making Hot Touch sheets a cheaper solution for a good sleep under any conditions. Features: – Natural cotton lining will allow you to sleep the way you’re used to rather than in warm clothing that may make sleep uncomfortable – 3 modes: the same temperature can be kept all night, heating up to 45C (optimal mode for minimising energy consumption while getting the sheet heated fast), heating up to 55 C (fast heating) – The sheets must be delicately washed at a water temperature of no more than 40 – Guaranteed safety of use includes automatic protection against overheating (the device switches off automatically if any malfunction occurs)

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