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Exfoliating Peel Foot Mask Socks Baby Soft Feet Remove Hard Dead Skin Callus GESS Spa Socks 
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Exfoliating Peel Foot Mask Socks Baby Soft Feet Remove Hard Dead Skin Callus GESS Spa Socks 

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Foot Mask GESS Spa-Socks

Socks for foot skin pedicure. They promote elasticity and moisturising of the skin, effectively eliminate cracks in the legs and retain the result for 2.5 – 3 months. Ideal for peeling at home. The mask has rich vitamins and moisturising ingredients. Very convenient to use.

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    After a cold season, our skin needs constant replenishment with vitamins and moisturisers. The constant use of closed and uncomfortable winter shoes causes the appearance of such unpleasant problems as the appearance of calluses, corns and even cracks in the skin of the feet. Pedicure socks will help you solve all these problems within a week! Socks with exfoliating effect will help to make your skin tender and soft, eliminate corns and cracks, rid the skin of bacteria and stop inflammation. In addition, the procedure for using pedicure socks slows the ageing process of the skin and has an anti-stress effect.

    • Smart mask composition

    This incredibly convenient and easy-to-use mask has rich vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. Ethanol, salicylic and glycolic acids contribute to the rapid and safe exfoliation of keratinized skin cells. Papaya extract and glycerin softens the skin of the feet, liquid aloe extract heals microcracks and stops the inflammatory process.

    • Safe peeling at home

    With the help of these socks you can conduct a peeling session at home, which not only helps to make the skin of your legs beautiful and elastic, but also relieves you of problems that the dermatologist can help to solve. If you suffer from corns or a large layer of horny skin, spend one session with pedicure socks GESS, and in a few days you will be pleasantly surprised from the effect! The procedure lasts only 30 minutes, the therapeutic and exfoliating effect is manifested on the 4-7 day after the session. The result is saved for 2.5-3 months! Do not fccet to read the instructions for use before the procedure and carefully study the information about storing socks with an exfoliating mask.

    How to use:

    • Wash and wipe feet.
    • Open the bag with the mask.
    • Cut off the top of the socks along the line.
    • Put your socks with a mask on your feet. It is advisable not to walk during the procedure, since the liquid in the toe can flow out or slip.
    • The time of the procedure is from 60 to 90 minutes.
    • After using the mask, wash your feet with soap and apply a nourishing cream or oil.
    • Exfoliation of the skin will begin on the 4th-7th day. It is not recommended to steam out the legs earlier than 5 days after applying the mask. It is not recommended to remove the exfoliating skin from the feet.

    • Precautionary measures

    • Do not reuse socks.
    • Do not use on the skin with wounds and injuries.
    • If you experience discomfort or irritation, consult a doctor
    • Pedicure socks Spa Socks are for adults only.

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